We use our vast knowledge & experience to create evocative fragrances for consumer products people use & love. Our Scentmakers nurture relationships with every customer, no matter how big or small.

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Personal Care

We believe the right fragrance can completely transform personal care brands. From alluring body sprays to energising shower gels and revitalising shampoos, our Scentmakers provide expert insights to help you create unforgettable products.

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Home fragrance

Our contemporary fragrances are inspired by the world around us. We follow the latest trends in colour, fashion and home interiors – offering the creative and technical support to develop exciting new fragrances that capture the moment and bring ambience to any interior space.

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Fine fragrance

Developing fine fragrances is all about evoking memories, feelings and emotions. Unlike other product categories, the “scent” takes centre stage. We combine our technical expertise with the finest ingredients, letting our imaginations run wild in search of the next exciting and iconic fragrance.

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Household care

We have the technical knowledge to transform functional household products into applications that are a pleasure to use. From washing up liquid and surface spray to toilet cleaner and bleach, we help create a sensory experience that consumers associate with cleanliness and hygiene.

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Fabric Care

Fragrance is one of the main differentiators that set fabric care brands apart. As experts in this area, we’re in the perfect position to advise on the latest consumer trends around freshness. By providing technical insights, we develop fragrances that provide lasting results for all fabric care products.

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Natural extracts

At Fragrance Oils, we offer technical guidance to help you meet the complex needs of today’s consumers. We produce and supply a wide selection of natural extracts for use in personal care and beauty products – from classics such as aloe vera to exotic superfruits.

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How we do it

Coming up with a new fragrance is a complex process that takes scientific precision and artistic flair. However, the essential ingredient is collaboration, both with our customers and each other.

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