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Our contemporary fragrances are inspired by the world around us.

We follow the latest trends in colour, fashion and home interiors – offering the creative and technical support to develop exciting new fragrances that capture the moment and bring ambience to any interior space.

yellow illustration of: scented candle and essential oil reed diffuser

Eliminating Odours

While fragrance is always needed to signal a fresh, clean message – we go one step further. Rather than being limited to air care products that simply mask unpleasant smells, we use our unique trademarked Odouraze technology to eliminate them.

yellow illustration of: perfume, scented candle and odouraze logo

Active Ingredients

Formulated within the fragrance, Odouraze features a unique blend of active ingredients that interact with bad odours, reduce their impact and keep them under control. From scented candles to neutralising air fresheners and fragrant reed diffusers, we can infuse Odouraze into home fragrance products for any environment. 

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