Technical Expertise

Testing Facilities

Be it retail or commercial, our highly qualified technical team has extensive knowledge covering all product applications and is committed to understanding our customers’ individual needs.

Furthermore, the company has on site testing facilities which include odour performance booths, laundry rooms, bathrooms and a hair salon to ensure that our fragrances provide optimum end use performance. From panel testing to product stability, Fragrance Oils can provide vital technical support at every stage in the development process.

Analytical Support

Our analytical laboratory utilises the latest instrumentation including Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectroscopy and a fully automated Sample Preparation and Sample Introduction System which incorporates techniques such as headspace analysis, solid phase micro-extraction (SMPE) and stir bar sorptive extraction with thermal desorption as well as hi-tech infrared and ultra-violet spectrometers.

Quality control is also an essential aspect of our business and we have a dedicated team of technicians for QC evaluation.

Regulatory Affairs

Given today’s increasing concerns about safety and the environment, our technicians, perfumers and evaluators work closely with our regulatory department to ensure that our perfumes are in accordance with the latest worldwide legislation and bespoke customer requirements.

In compliance with the company’s ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation, all procedures are fully documented and regularly monitored by both internal and external auditing.