Natural Extracts

Innovative Extract Collection

Fragrance Oils has over 30 years experience in formulating botanical extracts for use in various cosmetic and toiletry applications. Produced in a purpose built factory, we can create both oil and water soluble extracts. A collection of paraben free and organic extracts are also available.

The company has built up an extensive library of over 1000 extracts ranging from skin care classics such as aloe vera to more unusual tropical fruits and exotic flowers. As we search the globe for new and innovative ideas, this collection continues to grow.

Customer Support

Our technical team can provide full support with regards to Health & Safety data, INCI listings, Microbiological Testing and Batch Certification.

For marketing claim purposes, our customers have access to a database that provides the reputed benefits of each extract. The company also offers proactive presentations highlighting new extracts and inspiration for new product development.